Preseason Meeting Notes

Players, Parents, and Coaches came together on January 18th for their Annual review of expectations and guidelines heading into the season.  In case you missed it, review the presentation notes below and review highlighted policies in our team handbook (especially if this is your first year playing at LMHS).

If any of what was covered takes priority, it is:

  1. Ordering apparel–Review the Required Items and the Seasonal Webstore pages (on the Shop tab above).
    • Orders are due by February 1.
    • There are two order forms, one mostly made up of apparel for players to use during practices and games, and the other with things like our annual t-shirt, hoodies, half-zips, and other non-essentials ( but really cool, nonetheless).
    • Once this window closes on the 1st, it will not reopen and your chance to get these items will have passed
  2. Checking to see that all required forms are in.
    • Before a player can begin practicing (March 13) all of the forms below must be completed and on file.  A list of players who have signed up to play will be submitted at the end of the week, and can be checked with Coach Brinkmeyer, beginning Monday.
    • Required forms can be found on the High School’s Athletic Website
      • Medical cards can be picked up in the Athletic Office or from Coach Brinkmeyer