Soccer 16

The Soccer 16 is a set of guidelines for players that want the absolute best for themselves and their teammates.  It is a mantra, and when practiced, can lead to Greatness.  It is designed to make our young men more accountable, responsible, and dedicated to themselves and to their teammates.

  1. Commitment: To common goals & to being successful.

  2. Unselfishness: No “I” in team.

  3. Unity: Come together as never before.

  4. Improve: Every day, as a player, person & student.

  5. Be Tough: Mentally & Physically

  6. Self-Discipline: Do it right – Don’t accept less.

  7. Great Effort: It is the measure of who you are

  8. Enthusiasm: Feed off of each other.

  9. Eliminate Mistakes: Do not beat yourself.

  10. Never Give Up: Always compete, even if you fall down.

  11. Don’t Accept Losing: If you do so one time, it will be easy to do so the rest of your life.

  12. No Self-Limitations: Expect more of yourself.

  13. Expect to Win: And truly believe we will.

  14. Consistency: Your very, very best. Every time.

  15. Leadership: Everyone can set the example.

  16. Responsibility: You are responsible for your own performance.


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