Player Expectations

    1. Each player is expected to read and be aware of our team policies listed in the Team Handbook. Hard copies will not be distributed, however a copy is on the webpage.  Major points of emphasis include the team’s academic policy and Code-of-Conduct violations, as they pertain to playing time and the loss thereof.
    2. Although our sport is a spring sport, you should know that there is no way you can be competitive if you do nothing until spring. A variety of off-season programs are available to help you prepare for the spring season: Indoor soccer (through local clubs and organizations), Strength & Agility Training, Open gyms/Kickarounds.  Unless you are active in another sport, you should seriously consider attending some or all of these activities.  As dates become available, they will be posted on the website/social media as well as on the dry erase board outside of CoachBrinkmeyer’s room.
      • Players are encouraged to take part in our school’s/team’s lifting and conditioning program.  Checks can be dropped off in the High School Athletic Office.  After payment, your son will be allowed to attend as many sessions as are available.
        • When not in-season, athletes are encouraged to lift three times a week; during the season, all players will lift twice a week.
        • Check our website for open lifting times during the off-season/pre-season.
    3. All players are expected to participate in fundraisers and community service projects, as they become available.
    4. If players are using social media or have created an online persona, please remember that whatever you post is permanent. Although you may believe you are only “speaking” to a few people, many more will likely be able to see your posts. Words, pictures, videos, or otherwise can be used against you should it be viewed in a manner negative to school or team policy. Please remeber that as a team member, what you post may be viewed as representative of our school and team.
    5. It’s important that players find their role on the team. Not all players can/will be a starter on their respective team; some players will serve as role players and subs, and others may fill more of a supporting role (where playing time is minimal at best). The sooner you accept your role, while striving to move up to the next level, the better the experience will be for the player.
    6. Players will be issued jerseys and other apparel during the season, for use during the season only. After the completion of the season, those items are expected to be returned in a prompt manner and in the same shape they were issued in. (We know that wear and tear happens during the season, but please launder the items regularly and report any damage ASAP).