Rain or Shine…It’s GAMEDAY!!!

Today’s Starting Lineup

We had a good opportunity to get everyone in and to see everyone play tonight, but that’s the positive takeaway. Like every team right now we have work to do, but we knew that coming in. Limited practice tomorrow and then the games that count begin on Saturday. Games at 9am and 12:30, in Muscatine.  Thanks to those of you who bundled up and came out to watch…we heard you!

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Players Have Risen To The Challenge

For the last two weeks, players have poured out their hearts, sweat, and given their all…many of them with the goal of being named to the inaugural , 2017 Linn-Mar Mens Soccer Varsity Roster.  We are pleased to announce that this year’s 24-man roster includes a heavy dose of upperclassmen, accompanied by a sprinkling of talented underclassmen, ready to cut their teeth. We will move forward with this group for now, but all players should know that changes can be made at any time (in the best interest of the team) and no one’s position is guaranteed for the entirety of the season.  We say this, not to scare players, but to encourage them to always give their best, stay competitive and hungry, and to push one another to do the same…day in, day out.

None-the-less, CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals!!  The team will face its first competition this Thursday, at 6:50 at the Metro Jamboree, vs Clear Creek Amana.  Officially, the team’s first games are this weekend at the Muscatine Classic Invitational.


  • Keith Brendes
  • Alex Davenport
  • Brendan Healey
  • Connor Kruse
  • Noah Martin
  • Ben McCullough
  • Nate Mentzer
  • Nathan Nowzari
  • Cody Ritter
  • Michael Scheldrup
  • Bruno Vallim


  • Austin Cochrane
  • Obed Micomyiza
  • Danny Peak
  • Cade Sanders
  • Patrick Talley
  • Grant Wagner
  • Koby Wesselink
  • Tanner Wong


  • Ethan Fish
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Mohammed Tawfik
  • Kody Waterman


  • Brandon Raus