Defending Champions Set New Roster

Congratulations to the following individuals, for making the initial cut of the 2016 Varsity Roster. Many of these young men have been working hard for the last two weeks (not to mention the last 5 months) to be part of this group, which will have big shoes to fill, as they will be challenged to defend the program’s first State Championship.

Class of 2016: Blake Comstock, Devin Eby, Faheem Hossain, Nathan Luzindya, Jack Ramsey, Matthew Thies, Evan Towlerton, Jordan Webb, Hunter Wong

Class of 2017: Alex Davenport, Leroy Enzugusi, Brendan Healey, Noah Martin, Cody Ritter

Class of 2018: Danny Peak, Koby Wesselink

*Every day, the coaching staff evaluates the talented players we coach, and will move players as needed to ensure the best players in the program fit best on their respective rosters.

**Due to large number of underclassmen, the coaching staff has not yet determined the rosters for the Fresh-Soph and Jr. Varsity teams.  After speaking with players and presenting options, the final rosters will be released.  We want to ensure that as many players as possible can maximize their minutes played, over the course of the season.


2016 Season Nearly Upon Us

As Spring Break is quickly approaching, each athlete and parent should make sure they have what they need in place before the first day of practice (March 14th). In addition to the checklists below, please make sure you focus now on the STUDENT side of being a student-athlete.

  • ALL players are expected to complete the third quarter with, and maintain during the 4th quarter, a minimum of a C (70%) in ALL classes.
    • If less than a C is earned during the third quarter, a player will automatically sit out during his team’s first THREE games.
    • If a player fails a class during the third quarter, State rules dictate that the player will not be allowed to play in ANY games during the next grading period (in other words, the player will not get to play in any games, as they all happen during the fourth quarter).
    • Grade checks will be done during the fourth quarter.
      • If a player’s grade falls below a C during the fourth quarter, the player will be removed from the roster of athletes who are eligible to play in competitions/games.
      • He can continue to practice, unless the teacher or a tutor is available during training times.
      • He will be reinstated once the teacher confirms the grade has improved.

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