First Meeting With Players

On Tuesday, Coach Brinkmeyer met with a large contingent of interested boys for the first meeting of the year.  Topics covered included staying connected, team expectations, preseason workouts, and upcoming events.  See the slides below for more details.

**It is critical that players stop in and sign the form indicating their interest, and that all new players complete the New Player Registration Form online.


2016 Season Just Around The Corner

As the weather has begun to cool, it’s time for us to be preparing for the new season; this year, however,  the stakes are greater, as every team will want to knock off the State Champs.  We expect that with this pressure, will come the desire by our players to meet (and exceed) the challenges, and that begins with participation in the off-season.

We have updated our calendars with SAQ dates, open gyms, meeting dates, and spring practices and games.  Please begin to make plans to attend a mixture of our pre-season workouts, so that when you step onto the field in March, you are the best YOU that we have ever seen!

  • If you are new to our program, please complete the form on this page so that we can add you and your parents to our distribution list, and so we can get to know you!
  • Tuesday, October 20th, 8:15am > Introductory Meeting for all interested players
  • Tuesday, November 3rd & Thursday, November 5th > Fitness testing for all interested players
    • We plan to do the same testing during the first week of spring practices; this will allow you to see (and for the coaches to evaluate) what your fitness level is and how much it improved over the winter.
  • Monday, November 9th, 7pm > First Open Gym
  • Tuesday, November 10th, 3:45pm >FirstSAQ
    • SAQ: Speed Agility Quickness
    • Players should dress for physical activity, then meet in Coach Brink’s room at 3:45; typically sessions last until 5:30pm.
      • Activities include, but are not limited to endurance running, wind sprints, resistance running, lifting weights, fast footwork, stretching, flexibility, and mobility, and goal-setting activities.
      • Shinguards are not required, nor suggested; soccer balls will not be utilized
      • Please wear comfortable indoor shoes: cross trainers or running shoes are suggested.
  • December/January Parent Meeting, TBD