2014 Player Shirts

As has become somewhat customary at Linn-Mar, the team will once again make “Player Shirts” available to order with the name of your favorite Varsity player’s name and number on the back.  Order forms can be printed from here or picked up at Linn-Mar High School.  Order forms are due on Monday, April 7th at noon to the High School Cashier (with payment).

After crowd-sourcing, our followers on social media voted and selected a grey t-shirt to be print this year’s shirt: “GREATNESS”. Click on the picture below to get your copy of the order form.2014 greatness player shirt


Schmidt’s Summary, v.2

2013 color soccer lm overlap Week 2: March 24th to 30th 2013 color soccer lm overlap

Week two saw some additions to the team, not just with returning players coming back from Spring Break but also a new coach was back from his mission trip to join the team for the first time. With me being sidelined for the week it was extremely welcomed to have Coach Anderson with the team and from the sounds of it he was able to step right into his new role and hit the ground running. This week also brings us our first glimpse at a Varsity Roster and those team members that will don the Red and White this season under the stadium lights. It’s never an easy decision, one that seems to get harder each and every year, but unfortunately one that must be made and once again we have some new faces along with some familiar ones that will join the Varsity Squad to start the year. They will actually, weather permitting, get underway in just about a weeks time with their game schedule getting underway on the 5th of April. Then a few days later the JV Squad and finally the Fresh/Soph Squad will get under way with their seasons that next week.

Personally I can’t wait to get back with the team and see what progress has been made in my absence. For those that don’t know or who may be curious, I had ruptured my left Achilles Tendon on our first day of practice and have been resting, sometimes comfortably and other times not so much, at home this past week after having surgery on Monday the 24th. I should be walking on it in about another week/week and a half but not being able to be at practice this past week has been one of the harder things I’ve had to do as a coach. I’m just glad we have such a strong team and coaching staff that even while I’m laid up I can still see/hear the progress that the teams have made this week.

Going forward Schmidt’s Summary will be more geared towards our Fresh/Soph team but may include updates on the other two teams as well for the remainder of the season.

Go Lions!


Coach Schmidt



2014 Rosters Are Set

Wednesday night, the coaching staff ended practice by announcing the initial members of the 2014 Varsity team.  That set into motion the players that will also begin the season on the Jr. Varsity and Fresh-Soph Teams as well. Congratulations to those that were recognized as Varsity players!!  All the rosters are shown below, but each team has their own page and can be found under the ABOUT US heading.

Players will get their respective team jerseys on Thursday, along with the apparel that was ordered, and pictures will be on Friday at 4pm. Continue reading